Piedra de Agua Hotel Boutique & SPA Palenque

Pets Welcome!

Your pets are welcome at Piedra de Agua Palenque.

Weight limit

Access is for one pet under 12 kg or 2 small pets weighing a total of 30 kg maximum.


Pet fee: $25.00 USD per night, rates may change according to season and number of nights of stay.


Pet must be trained.

The pet must be on a collar and leash at all times.

The pet must be with its owner at all times and may not be in the private spaces of other guests.

The pet will not be allowed in the pool or plunge pool at any time.

If the pet makes noise, the guest will be asked to leave the hotel without refund.

The guest must provide a card as a guarantee to cover any damage to the hotel facilities and/or other guests.

Guest is responsible for picking up/cleaning up pet feces.

We do not have pet waterers, feeders and pet beds.

Any policy that is not adhered to, the Hotel may ask the guest to leave the property without refund for their stay.

For more information, please contact us at +52 916 345 0842.

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Piedra de Agua Hotel Boutique & SPA Palenque

Piedra de Agua Palenque features an outdoor pool, spa and free parking. The hotel is just 100 meters from the Aluxes Eco-Park and Zoo. The property is 4 km from the city center, near the Archaeological Ruins of the Mayan culture and the famous Temple of the Inscriptions. The property offers rooms with a private terrace. Some of these rooms overlook the garden and pool. You can enjoy a wonderful and relaxing day in the plunge pool with warm water or a massage and other treatments in our Spa.


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