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Gastronomy of Palenque

With an important pre-Hispanic heritage, Palenque's gastronomy is undoubtedly one of the most attractive in Mexico, with authentic dishes to delight you with their aromas and flavors.

You can taste an endless number of dishes, the typical cuisine of Palenque will surprise you with the shote con momo or shuti broth, prepared with river snail boiled with leaves of hierba santa or acuyo, mint and pepper; some rich chipilin tamales or corn tamales or beef tamales with vegetables; chicken stew; duck in chilmol, a tasty deer and fish salpicon; chanfaina; a beef barbecue; among other delicious dishes that you will enjoy.

Part of the gastronomy of Palenque, the cupapé sweets, banana sweets, fried bananas stuffed with cheese, honey sweets, ates or fruit pastries, the sweet of chilacayote or pumpkin, coconut tostadas, nougat, cheese and milk empanadas, are exquisite treats that, besides tasting, can be your memories of a beautiful trip.

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Piedra de Agua Hotel Boutique & SPA Palenque

Piedra de Agua Palenque features an outdoor pool, spa and free parking. The hotel is just 100 meters from the Aluxes Eco-Park and Zoo. The property is 4 km from the city center, near the Archaeological Ruins of the Mayan culture and the famous Temple of the Inscriptions. The property offers rooms with a private terrace. Some of these rooms overlook the garden and pool. You can enjoy a wonderful and relaxing day in the plunge pool with warm water or a massage and other treatments in our Spa.


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